Hot fun in the summertime

February 13, 2018

Shepparton United upped its pre-season training with a weekend of beach netball at Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton. Teams from across the region and beyond competed in the Netball Victoria run competition and Tallygaroopna was crowned premier in the over-30 division.

Right here: Hayley Harper perfected the chest pass, playing in the team Where My Beach Is At.

Brittany Sparks leads the charge towards the ball.

Seymour's Andrea McKenzie hones her skills.

Johnny Cross has no problems adapting to the game on sand.

Seymour's Georgia Engel takes possession of the ball.

Still Trying's Jo Backway sends a long bomb down the court.

Experienced netballer Deb Hosie tries her hand at the sport on sand.

Zoe Backway captained her side called Still Trying.

Tracey McArthur has no qualms diving onto the sand to pull the ball in.

Christy Kosch brings the ball back in to play.

The sand may have provided a different playing surface, but Tallygaroopna still came out triumphant at Netball Victoria’s beach netball series.

Using the existing courts from the previous weekend’s international volleyball tournament, Shepparton’s Victoria Park Lake was a hub of fun.

After the Redlegs took out the over-30 competition, Tallygaroopna legend Kelli Halden said it was hard work along with being an enjoyable team bonding experience.

‘‘We played two five-minute halves (each game), but that’s enough, trust me,’’ she said.

‘‘On the sand it was unbelievable, we were all up and about laughing on Saturday and by Sunday it was very subdued and everyone’s body was tired.’’

Tallygaroopna defeated Older Than We Would Like to take out the premiership of the inaugural beach contest played in Shepparton.

In the modified game only one goal post is on a beach court, meaning players have to return the ball past the transverse line following an intercept before moving it back goalward.

Halden said it was minor rule changes similar to this that meant even the most experienced netballers had to adapt.

‘‘You had to be smart and have people positioned in different areas of the court because you go back and then go the whole way forward,’’she said.

‘‘It took us about 2 games to really get it right, but it was great fun and that’s what we needed for a bit of pre-season fitness.

‘‘We opened it up to our whole club to whoever wanted to play, but some people work so we had a mixture of teams, one was an over-30s team and we had one in the open women’s.’’

Playing beach netball ties in with Tallygaroopna’s desire to keep pre-season fun this summer with Redlegs players also set to try their hand at paddle boarding.

Shepparton United and Seymour were Goulburn Valley League clubs that fielded a team, while there was plenty of interest from across Victoria.

The Eastern Rebels claimed the title in the open division.

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