Howzat? Steve mitts it

January 24, 2018

Rochester United wicketkeeper Steve Rasmussen held on to a ripping crowd catch at Etihad Stadium on Monday night during a Big Bash League match.

There was more than one outstanding catch taken at Etihad Stadium on Monday night.

While most of the attention and adoration was claimed by Adelaide Strikers duo Ben Laughlin and Jake Weatherald for their miraculous efforts in the outfield, a Goulburn Murray cricketer showcased his talents in the crowd.

Rochester United wicketkeeper Steve Rasmussen displayed a safe pair of hands and rock solid technique to latch on to a long ball during the Big Bash League clash.

Rasmussen knew he was a chance of a crowd catch after a number of sixes had fallen near him during the match, but was only confident at the last second when the perfect ball finally came his way.

‘‘We had a few either side of us throughout the night, so we knew we were in a decent spot,’’ he said.

‘‘The last 10 to 15m of it I thought I was in with a real chance.’’

Without his usual keeping gloves on Rasmussen felt the full force of the strike, but still claimed the chance well.

‘‘I took it all right in the end,’’ he said.

‘‘I didn’t think my hands would hurt that much after it though.’’

At the cricket with a number of family members — and with plenty more watching at home — Rasmussen was quickly the talk of the night before Laughlin and Weatherald stole the limelight.

‘‘Both the boys I was next to reckoned they were in better spots than me to take it,’’ he said.

‘‘The kids were pretty excited though and the messages started to come through thick and fast.’’

Rasmussen’s efforts can be seen on Twitter on his club’s account @RochyUnited

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