Junior sport: cricket

January 17, 2018

Lachy Ludeman

James Nugent

Keiran Hogeboom

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips

Charlotte Phillips

Jack Vaivers

Tanner Webber

James Nieuwenhuizen

Steele Simpson

Notre Dame-St Brendan’s defeated Pine Lodge in the final round of the under-14 Cricket Shepparton 25/25 competition.
James Nieuwenhuizen took three wickets for the victors, while teammate Steele Simpson retired on 20 not out. 

1. Jack Vaivers.

2. Charlotte Phillips.

3. James Nieuwenhuizen.

4. Steele Simpson.

5. James Nugent.

6. Lachy Ludeman.

7. Tanner Webber.

8. Liam Trevaskis.

9. Tom Phillips.

10. Keiran Hogeboom.

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