Throwing a health hazard for Laffy

January 15, 2018

Injuries are part and parcel of playing sport.

Injuries are part and parcel of playing sport.

But Karramomus suffered more than just the usual cuts and bruises that come with diving around in the field in its Haisman Shield clash against Old Students on Saturday.

The Bloods lost Nathan Laffy and Rob Salter to serious injuries early in the match, with captain Jason Ibbotson hardly able to believe what was happening.

The contest had barely started before Laffy broke his arm simply returning a ball from the outfield.

‘‘I have never seen it before, someone breaking their arm just throwing the ball in from about 50m away,’’ Ibbotson said.

‘‘I was fielding at slip and I heard it crack, I thought his elbow had popped out.’’

Laffy himself was unsure of the nature of his injury, but made a smart decision to head straight to hospital.

‘‘He thought it was possibly popped out as well, but he went to the hospital instead of trying to do anything to it himself,’’ Ibbotson said.

‘‘He had surgery on it (Saturday) night.’’

Only a matter of overs later Rob Salter also had to be helped from the field after hurting his knee.

Despite the horrible start, the Bloods rallied to be in the match when rain halted play — something Ibbotson was proud of.

‘‘I was impressed, the boys easily could have thrown in the towel after the season we’ve had,’’ he said.

‘‘It was outstanding, and a few of our lower grade boys who were batting on the oval next door (at Vibert Reserve) came over and helped us out in the field as well.’’

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