Bonza tips for players from bronze masters

December 20, 2017

Valuable tips: Top tier player Chris Grant passed on advice to the region's croquet players in Trudy Serafini (front) and Jenny Kneebone. Grant was in town to compete for the Victorian Bronze Medallion.

The region’s croquet players learned from the best on Friday.

In the lead-up to Shepparton Croquet Club hosting the Victorian Bronze Medallion, some of the most talented players in the country passed on tips.

With association croquet the coaches’ forte, even members of the region’s clubs that play golf or Aussie croquet enjoyed the challenge.

Shepparton Croquet Club publicity officer Trudy Serafini took part in the event and said it was a fantastic experience.

‘‘I was so impressed because they give you ideas that you never think of because they’re so experienced,’’ she said.

‘‘And the way you hit the ball and the way you have to stand and the action, I honestly got a lot out of it and I know the players were impressed with the coaching.’’

Nine players from the region participated in the two-hour training session in the lead-up to the Victorian Bronze Medallion that was played at the weekend.

With Friday a training day for the competitors, some were willing to give up time to help others.

‘‘That was their practice day and they were very generous to do that because I’d imagine you’d want to practice for the weekend, but they were generous enough to spend a couple of hours with us,’’ Serafini said.

Yarrawonga’s Kevin Beard took out the Victorian Bronze Medallionand he will go on in search of the Australian title.

While the Victorian event is normally at the Victorian Croquet Centre in Melbourne, the courts are being renovated and Shepparton was more than able to stand up with Noel Dealy working hard to make the event a possibility.

‘‘They’re currently digging up their courts and regenerating that and we’ve done all that thanks to the Greater Shepparton City Council, that has helped us out enormously, so our courts are in superb condition,’’ Serafini said.

And that is exactly the same reaction Victoria’s best had when playing at Shepparton Croquet Club.

‘‘They were so impressed, our courts have never looked so good and that was wonderful, they were very impressed because we’ve also got a very good kitchen and very good clubrooms,’’ Serafini said.

‘‘The Victorian Croquet Association asked us if we would be the host and we said we’d be very happy to, it’s a feather in our cap.’’

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