Tongala scrambling to replace Edwards

November 28, 2017

Tongala is looking for a new senior coach to fill the role vacated by Travis Edwards.

Tongala is on the hunt for a new senior coach after Travis Edwards stepped down from the role on Wednesday night.

Edwards, who took the role this year, initially committed to the club on a three-year deal.

But he departs after just one season, leaving the Murray Football League club scrambling for a new coach after pre-season training has already started.

Blues president Darren Maloney said Edwards could not commit to the club in a full capacity and as a result no longer wanted the role.

‘‘He’s just been away on holidays, he’s come back and he’s making some lifestyle changes, and might be moving states,’’ he said.

‘‘He doesn’t want to muck us around, and he’ll still be around the club to help, but he didn’t want the senior coaching role. He’ll be at the club in a different role.’’

Maloney said Edwards’ changing circumstances meant the coaching role would not work going forward, despite coming early in his time at the club.

‘‘We shook hands on a three-year arrangement, but like me or you his personal circumstances have changed,’’ he said.

‘‘He’s not someone that stuffs people around and he doesn’t mince words. If he can’t commit 100 per cent, then he doesn’t want to do it, and that’s a good thing.

‘‘We’ve contacted the players and as far as we know they’re all still committed. We’ve got a young list and we’ll continue on the same path.’’

Tongala had a tough year under Edwards, brutalised by injury and finishing with just three wins.

The Blues were competitive to start the season, but lost their last 11 games.

‘‘We went through 58 senior footballers last season and I don’t know any other club that’s had to deal with that,’’ Maloney said.

‘‘Early in the year we missed beating the top sides by a couple of goals, but then late in the season the injuries hit and we got a couple of touch ups.

‘‘The playing group is sticking together and hopefully we’ll get a few back for next season.’’

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