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November 16, 2017

Mark Cecil is enjoying seeing his son Josh (second from left) and Luke (right) begin their own speedway careers, with Mark's mother Evelyn (second from right) a big support.

Luke and Josh Cecil each have with the family's racing logo (which stands for Mark, Josh and Luke Cecil Racing) detailed on their car.

Shepparton’s Cecil family is continuing a tradition at Rushworth Speedway.

With Mark already a successful and established racer in his own right, his sons Josh, 14, and Luke, 12, are starting early.

Just last weekend Luke finished on the podium for the first time in only his second meet, with drivers needing to be 12 years old before competing.

His brother Josh has been in the fold for nearly two years, having won the feature at Rushworth last year.

Mark’s two sons have started a lot earlier than when he first followed in his own father’s footsteps.

‘‘My father raced when I was a kid, but I didn’t start until I was about 30 years old, I’d always had an interest and been able to drive really well so I locked in and got a car,’’ Mark said.

‘‘With my kids following me around and coming to all race meetings I bought two cars, so they do it now.’’

Mark keeps all the cars in top working order, having just recently ordered custom pistons from the United States for Josh’s car.

He said his sons tried to lend a hand when they could.

‘‘They get out and help me do fibreglass panels and help me work on the engines,’’ Mark said.

‘‘Josh more than Luke at the moment because he’s older, but as they progress they’d love to help.’’

He was in the car for their first races and thinks it should make his life easier when Luke and Josh eventually gain their L-plates.

‘‘I take them out on the track and show them what they should be doing and I sit in the car for the first meetings with them and give them hand signals and they pick it up from there and they drive with a clutch and learn defensive driving and how to slide,’’ Mark said.

‘‘It’s good fun and hopefully it means they’ll be good drivers when they’re older.’’

Mark is the Victorian title holder in compact speed car racing and has the support of his full family.

Mother Evelyn and stepfather Mick travel across the country to his races as sisters Pauline and Cath also lend their support.

With his two sons rising up the ranks, the trio has recently founded MJLC Racing — Mark, Josh and Luke Cecil Racing — which is emblazoned on the boys’ cars.

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