The time has come to sit down, listen up and learn rules

October 20, 2017

Cricket Shepparton has urged all players to learn about new cricket rules at a meeting on Wednesday.

Cricket Shepparton is encouraging all of its players to attend a meeting on Wednesday to discuss important changes to the rules of cricket.

After the Marylebone Cricket Club, the game’s governing body, made adjustments to the Laws of Cricket early this year the changes have been in effect since October 1.

These include limits to bat size, penalty runs for ‘‘fake fielding’’ and the ability of umpires to penalise teams and send off players for bad behaviour, among a list of nine significant amendments to the 42 laws for players and officials to get their heads around.

Up until now the transition process has been a lenient one, but Cricket Shepparton director of senior cricket Michael Van Dorsser said the time had come for everyone to be on the same page.

‘‘There has been a bit of leniency from Cricket Shepparton’s umpires so far, a lot of players haven’t read the new rule changes,’’ he said.

The focus of the meeting, which will be held in Mooroopna Cricket Club’s Parsons Pavilion from 7pm, will be to inform all clubs about the new rulings, so they can in turn make sure every player in the competition follows the correct guidelines.

‘‘It’s a matter of getting everyone together to make sure everyone knows what’s going on,’’ Van Dorsser said.

‘‘We hope to see plenty of people there.’’

The rule changes will affect the higher grades of cricket more than the lower, but even so Van Dorsser said there would be no more excuses for ignorance.

‘‘The rules will be more prevalent in A and B-grade because they have umpires who know the rule book inside and out,’’ he said.

‘‘But even then the lower grades will have Cricket Shepparton umpires for finals, so they need to follow the rules as well.

‘‘From round four (next weekend) the umpires won’t be taking the old excuse of players not knowing what is going on.’’

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