Duo primed to go distance

August 11, 2017

Danny Selva and Chris Nicholson are gearing up for the Shepparton Running Festival.

At this year’s Shepparton Running Festival, two local runners will be attempting their first marathon.

Chris Nicholson, 41, and Danny Selva, 42, are in serious training mode to achieve the required kilometres and fitness needed for a marathon.

With local knowledge both runners feel confident of success as they have put in the training required for the event, plus have mental alertness and strategies to succeed.

Third time lucky is how Nicholson describes his plan to tackle the marathon at the Shepparton Running Festival on August 27.

Having ran eight half marathons before, including four at Shepparton, he has had running a marathon on his bucket list for some time.

In fact, twice before he has attempted the long training hours required to complete the 42.2km only to succumb to injury in the final stages prior to the event.

“Basically, I was running too far, and too fast in training without allowing my body to get used to the physical demands running that type of distance requires,’’ Nicholson said.

“I’ve now learnt from those past mistakes and have been a lot more patient in my approach with training this time.’’

Nicholson started seriously training for the marathon about two months ago with his weekly training now consisting of four shorter runs, which include speed sessions, and a Sunday long run of usually more than 30km.

He loves running the Shepparton course.

“It’s flat and fast and because the longer events are a series of laps you are never far from the action, and the support you get from fellow runners, volunteers and supporters along the track keeps you motivated to keep going.

This year Selva will be competing in his first full marathon at the Shepparton Running Festival, something he never contemplated doing.

Maybe it is a coincidence that his age and the distance are the same of 42.

Last year Selva completed his first half marathon at the same event and prior thought he would never compete in a half marathon.

“After last year’s event I had no intention of running a full marathon nor another half marathon. I continued with my normal routine of running up to around 20km a week just to keep fit and to try to better my 5km parkrun time every week.”

As the weeks went by Selva was really enjoying just running and started running more and more, as well as participating in training sessions with the Shepparton Runners’ Club, where he met some really nice and great supportive people, which has motivated him more to compete in a marathon.

“I have competed in two half marathons and various 10km races in the past year and the timing is right for me now to compete in my first full marathon and it’s a bonus that it’s in my own town on a nice flat course.”

During the past two months Selva has been slowly increasing his run kilometres each week to cater for the distance, currently running 60km a week and will continue that until about two weeks before the race where he will taper off to keep the body fresh.

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