No place for complacency

August 02, 2017

Law Abiding Sigurdssons took out the Major League Sports Shepparton indoor soccer grand final last Thursday night in an epic 6-5 decider.

I held off on this column, because last time the Law Abiding Sigurdssons headed down media street, we copped a thumping in indoor soccer.

Without a doubt it was our worst game of the season.

However, we bounced back, and on Thursday night we played off in a grand final.

I wanted to write a preview, but my nerves got the better of me.

I could not go into that game thinking media street would get to us yet again, against the same opposition.

But here we are now, only five weeks on from that column, and I am more than happy to confirm that we are the champions.

The Sigurdssons against all odds, and even the Tax Man’s (Sal) unbelievable doubt, prevailed in a scintillating 11-goal affair.

We started slow, as has been the case all season, and we conceded three goals within the first five minutes.

But the resilience was there, we fought back and found ourselves level three-all at half-time and from there it was all one way traffic in a feisty battle at McGill St.

At that point in time the Tax Man arrived, only 15 minutes late and as a result he missed the first half of a grand final, but with shorts two sizes too big and a hunger in his eyes, there was no stopping him — well, maybe aerobically.

Tax Man netted one of our side’s half dozen as we went on to lift the decorated pints after a thrilling 6-5 victory.

Not so long ago I did a mid-season review, but now this is where it gets serious.

With a short turnaround to tomorrow night’s game, there are still things we need to work on, and in order to see change, the criticism needs to go public for the troops to respond.

1. Tax Man

It was a grand final for crying out loud; rock up on time — not at half-time.

You have partly paid us back with a goal in the final, however, we need more this season — fitness and choice of shorts were not up to scratch during the Sigurdssons’ inaugural campaign.

You lead the line as false striker, I say that because he didn’t score as much as he promised, in fact, we get our tax returns back quicker than his goal-to-games ratio.

Tax Man promised to lead the line last season and claimed that he would win our goal-scoring ranks. He finished fourth with just six goals. I am not angry, I am just disappointed.

2. Bocce

He’s fiery and doesn’t mind getting stuck in. I like that.

He has a little bit of white line fever and that is probably what we were demanding.

Solid down back and with a rocket of a shot, Bocce does not mind running the wings, he even picks the right moment to go forward.

Did a little bit more attacking than defending towards the latter stages of the season, will maybe tinker a few things ahead of season two — I see a permanent defensive role coming up.

3. Kiwi

Not just a one-trick pony is Kiwi.

He has passion, he has ability, but most importantly, he can keep when ‘‘The Great Wall’’ needs a spell.

Many doubted his ability in goals, including myself, but during the latter stages the part-time shot-stopper showed his class, pulling off a ripper of a save in the final.

Kiwi, who is aggressive in his approach, sometimes makes me nervous let alone his opponents.

He scored two goals this season and if there is a flaw in his game, it is his goal-scoring ability.

Next season we will need to see a higher return when he is plying his trade in the outfield.

4. The Great Wall

I genuinely do feel sorry for this bloke.

We finished seventh last season after joining the competition midway through the year, however, after 11 games we conceded 84 goals.

That is an average of just more than seven goals a game — it is fair to say the Sigurdssons do not really like defending.

More often than not we let the opposition have free rein at The Great Wall and to his credit, he pulled off some brilliant saves.

He gets a bit nervous with ball in hand and probably needs to release it a little bit quicker.

5. Mr Consistent

I have said it before and I will say it again, there are no thrills or tricks from this bloke.

He often does what he needs to do, plays the simple ball, defends well and has wheels to burn when he gets going.

Mr Consistent unleashed the beast within a few weeks ago, and from tomorrow night we will be after more of that this season.

It was July 6 and it was as if something special happened — The Great Wall and I do not know where it came from, but Mr Consistent was pinging them in from everywhere.

It was a bit of ‘‘look at me’’ kind of stuff when he was shooting from half way and then getting his own rebound, before gracefully finding the back of the net.

More of the same please.

In conclusion:

You cannot ask for much more from an inaugural season with a bunch of blokes playing together for the first time.

We tasted the ultimate success, we won the grand final and as the weeks went on our chemistry continued to build.

Onwards and upwards from here.

I stated we would win the grand final the last time I wrote a column on the Sigurdssons, and now we have written all the headlines.

Everyone has already forgotten about Jeff Horn and the ‘Battle of Brisbane’ and all the talk will always be about the Sigurdssons.

We are going back-to-back, baby!

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