Rating my indoor buddies

July 06, 2017

Adem Barolli, pictured second from right, has rated his Law Abiding Sigurdssons. The Great Wall (Tyler Maher), Mr Consistency (Oliver Caffrey), Kiwi (Declan Martin) and Tax Man (Salvatore Pennisi) celebrated their first win in their second game at Major League Indoor Sports.

It would be rude for us not to create an indoor soccer team.

There are three guys in the sports department, one general journalist who loves soccer and two finance guys who think they should be playing for Italy.

That makes six people, enough for an indoor soccer team, right?

We already have a mixed netball team in the editorial team at The News, but it is not the same.

I, like a few of my indoor teammates, have white line fever, as soon as I enter the field of play I want to win at all costs — even if I am playing against friends or family.

I do not like losing.

So at the moment our team, Law Abiding Sigurdssons, is going okay, but there is room for improvement.

I think it is best that we use an alias for each individual because those who know me know that I am no bus driver (well, I like to think that I am not).

1. Tax Man

With no left foot whatsoever, Shepparton’s own Alessandro Del Piero has an eye for a goal and a goal only.

Feels out of his comfort zone once he steps inside his own defensive half.

Actually, I could have sworn that he got lost going that far back he needed a GPS to find his way again.

So confident in his own ability, the Tax Man once, maybe twice, stated in pre-season that he would be leading our goal-scoring charts.

He is sitting in third position with five goals.

Not good enough.

2. Bocce

I honestly did not know what to expect from this athlete.

He was the quiet achiever heading into the season, his mate the Tax Man was all talk, while Bocce just went about his business.

He missed the first few games, but has since impressed upon his return to the side.

Reliable defensively and can strike a ball — if you are in the way, I suggest you move.

3. Kiwi

His priorities have been out of whack of late and he went back home to visit his family after taking a week off work.

He has let the team down and will face the consequences upon his return.

Kiwi was up and about at the beginning of the season and has scored two goals thus far, a decent reward for his efforts.

His commitment in the first few rounds could not be faulted, he once worked night shift and knew he was going to be late, but still came to play the second half.

How times have changed.

4. The Great Wall

It is fair to say that Law Abiding Sigurdssons is a fairly offensive team with no real deep concern for our hero inside the D.

The Great Wall has not only kept us in games this season, but he has also won them for us.

He has produced a number of key saves with cat-like reflexes, while he, too, entered uncharted territory a few weeks back.

The Great Wall left the goals, streamed forward, unleashed a bomb and those who were watching could have thought our leader in goals was playing NRL.

His left-foot shot skyrocketed above the goals from close range and almost hit the roof before it hit the back net.

Jonathan Thurston would have been proud.

5. Mr. Consistent

No thrills and tricks from this bloke, just a reliable performer.

If time allows him to play and the Sigurdssons are not robbed with fixturing, you know what to expect.

Often sits back, covers his marker and picks his moment to go forward with blistering pace.

Has missed the last two games, but hopefully he will be in the fold this week to help continue our push for the finals.

After joining the competition midway through the season, the Sigurdssons’ top four aspirations look all but over, but with two rounds left we are keeping faith.

The fixturing has seen us play the top two sides twice in five weeks, the third-placed side and the fourth-placed side, while we are still yet to play the bottom two teams.

The Sigurdssons have won twice, drawn twice and lost three games this season, but by no means are well short of the marker.

If results fall in our favour, I am confident in the boys’ ability in taking out our maiden trophy.

There are a few things that we need to work on including our starts, defence, offence organisation, commitment, ability and skill, but that will come with the more games we play together.

Forget about Jeff Horn’s ‘‘Battle For Brisbane’’, Australian politics and the ice epidemic in Shepparton, because the Sigurdssons will be writing all the headlines in weeks to come.

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