Child dream becomes reality

June 19, 2017

Despite Nathalia defender Harley Cobbledick keeping Mulwala's Ash Froud to zero possessions in the second term, Froud slotted his team's winning goal after the siren.

Every young footballer dreams of slotting a goal after the siren to win their team the game.

Mulwala’s Ash Froud turned his fantasy into reality on Saturday to scythe a dagger through the heart of Nathalia after marking with less than 10 seconds left on the clock and kicking truly.

The superstar would have you believe he was expecting it.

‘‘I had a funny feeling actually even before I took the mark that I would have a shot after the siren,’’ he said.

‘‘Funnily enough I got it in my hands and obviously I wanted to kick it for the boys and for the club and luckily I did.’’

The Lion actually had a trial run at an after-the-siren kick earlier in the match.

After Nathalia defender Harley Cobbledick kept him to zero possessions in the second term, Froud finally got off of the leash in the dying seconds to take a mark just before the half-time siren sounded.

That attempt failed to make the distance though, something his winning kick had no issue doing.

‘‘He (Cobbledick) is an excellent defender and he probably had my measure at the start,’’ Froud said.

‘‘Both of us were carrying knocks, so we were a bit up against it, but luckily enough I got a few in the end.’’

With a calmness that surely belied his emotions, Froud barely hesitated at the top of his mark before delivering the final blow, but when the goal umpire veered violently to the right it looked as if the star had failed to kick truly.

However, when the official did not immediately swing his arm across his chest, the silent home crowd exploded into celebration, pre-empting the confirmation that was to come.

Froud has 63 goals for the year, but is much more focused on how he can help his new side succeed, rather than cracking triple figures and covering himself in individual accolades.

‘‘I’ve only been here 10 weeks now, but the club’s amazing, we’ve really rallied together and can go somewhere this year,’’ he said.

‘‘I’m not really (aiming for a ton), I just want to win games of football and kicking goals is a bonus.’’

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