Captains to appeal bans

February 17, 2017

Cricket Shepparton whacked United skipper Brian Tacey with a one-game ban last week and the club is appealing through an independent tribunal.

Shepparton United and Undera are tonight challenging suspensions handed to their B-grade captains.

Cricket Shepparton whacked United skipper Brian Tacey and Lions counterpart Paul Wickham with one-game bans last week and the clubs are appealing through an independent tribunal.

The penalties arose from the round 10 game between the teams last month when play was called off before the tea break on the second day, which is against association rules.

Cricket Shepparton senior cricket director Michael Van Dorsser said Tacey and Wickham went against the advice of umpire David D’Elia, who is also the association’s president, and stopped the game at about 2.30pm on January 28.

‘‘The umpire was there and showed them the rules, so they’ve disobeyed an umpire’s directive,’’ Van Dorsser said.

Tacey and Wickham played for their respective teams last round, meaning they will miss the final regular season game starting tomorrow, if they are unsuccessful at appeal.

Van Dorsser said the skippers were not given the bans immediately because an association meeting did not take place until last week.

‘‘Because the issue was a new one, the director of umpiring brought the report to the meeting and the (Cricket Shepparton) executive needed to talk about the issue before making a call and they came to the decision that the players would be suspended for one game,’’ Van Dorsser said.

D’Elia left the room during the discussions and did not vote.

With associations across Victoria struggling to recruit and retain umpires, Van Dorsser said it was a disappointing incident.

‘‘The captains have directly disobeyed a directive from an umpire and that’s not acceptable,’’ Van Dorsser said.

‘‘We need to make a stand on this type of stuff and make sure we’re supporting all our umpires.’’

Both clubs were also fined $250.

United and Undera declined to comment to The News yesterday.

It continues a busy week for Cricket Shepparton at the tribunal after an E-grade player was given a four-game suspension on Wednesday night.

The player pleaded guilty after being reported for an ugly incident last round involving his own team-mates and supporters.

‘‘The person concerned understands what he did was wrong, using aggressive language towards players and supporters is unacceptable, and he’s in the process of writing an apology to those parties,’’ D’Elia said.

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