Swing with balance

February 15, 2017

Balance and posture are keys to making consistently solid golf swings.

The similarities golf has with other sports are in the movements required to improve your ability.

If you have ever played tennis, netball or football and you have hit, thrown or kicked a ball when off-balance, where did it go?

Everywhere and anywhere are generally the answers I get to that question.

The same thing applies to your golf swing and the golf ball.

If you are off-balance, it makes trying to achieve consistency difficult.

Balance and posture go hand in hand within the golf swing and to be able to achieve these you need to do away with some common misconceptions.

Ever been told to keep your head down, bend the knees or stick your backside out?

Well, I find these three combative against good balance and posture as they can consistently move you during the swing.

If your body is off-balance during your swing, it is focused less on rotating and turning properly and more focused on trying not to fall over.

Have you ever had to steady yourself with a step after the swing or found yourself struggling to hold your finishing position?

If so, you are most likely off-balance and this does not help much at all in our efforts to be more consistent.

If you try straightening your legs a little (not locked) and bending out a little bit more from your waist, you should feel a shift into the balls of your feet and also a little pressure in your legs.

If not, don’t be alarmed, just rock back and forwards through your feet from the toes to the heels and try to lean your weight into the balls of your feet.

Try keeping it here for the entire swing and see if it helps you improve your strike.

Give it a little bit of time to make the change permanent and also to see the biggest differences.

Until next week, good golfing.

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