Staying centred key

January 18, 2017

Staying centered over the ball helps golfers strike their shots better.

Each week we get to watch the best in the world battle it out in tournaments across the world and they all make golf look so much easier than it truly is.

Each and every player is individual in the way they swing the club, but there are some important similarities in how they are able to make it look so easy and hopefully today’s article can help.

What you might realise when watching the best players in the world is they, as a lot of golfers commonly say, keep their head still.

This is in fact not because their head is solely staying still, but because their whole body is staying centred.

Every golf swing has what is called a swing centre and this, if you can imagine a golfer in his set-up, is a line deviding the body in half.

By being able to maintain this centred position over the ball consistently, you are able to produce better strikes and shots.

A lot of golfers go wrong because they move their centre sideways or back and forth trying to make a bigger backswing and follow-through. This can and does work on occasion, but not as consistently as what we hope for and is also a cause for looking like someone’s head does not stay still.

The problems this creates are quite obvious — hitting too far behind the ball and taking a large divot.

Hitting your fairway woods and driver on the head and the ball rolls along the ground are just a couple of issues.

These are because when you move your swing centre from side-to-side away from where it should stay, the golf club is always going to come down to the bottom of the swing in a different spot, which will create miss-hits more often than not.

To work on this, try practicing with an abnormally wide stance, as with this set-up you will be able to feel whether or not your body is trying to move from side-to-side rather than rotate around the centre line like the best players in the world do.

I hope this can help you produce more consistent shots with all clubs in your bag.

Until next week, good golfing.

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