Less tension is best to grip it and rip it

January 11, 2017

Having too much tension within your arms will radiate into your grip.

Within a round of golf, you will generally feel like there was at least one shot you tried to hit the ball way too hard, causing your shot to not even come close to where you wanted it to go.

This is because you have way too much tension within your arms, which will also radiate into your grip.

When your grip pressure tends to get too tight it makes swinging the golf club so much harder, even though we sometimes think it helps.

I liken it to throwing a ball as far as you can.

To do this, you don’t flex the muscles in your arm and squeeze the ball as tightly as you can, do you?

You need to stay relaxed and loose to be able to use the amount of power created by your body and arm to throw the ball as far as possible.

The same goes for the golf swing — the tighter your grip pressure, the more rigid you will become and the harder it will be to consistently swing the club.

The one thing I want you to ask yourself next time you are out playing is: ‘‘If you were to rate your grip pressure out of 10, 10 being the highest, what would yours be?’’

Generally the answer to this question is about seven to nine.

I prefer it to be about three as this allows for you to be nice and relaxed.

Mind you, we don’t want your grip pressure so light that the club flies out of your hands, so please be wary of this when changing it.

A good way to try and help you relax your arms and grip is to hold the club up in front of you and rest your forearms/wrists up against the bottom of your rib cage. This will have the club pointing vertically out in front of you.

Try this next time you are out practising and you will be surprised by how easy your swing will start to feel.

Until next week, good golfing.

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